Who We Are


Established in October 2011, the Sadara Chemical Company represents a unique alliance between two corporate leaders in their respective industries – Saudi Aramco and The Dow Chemical Company – brought together through shared values and a dedicated vision to create a game changer in the chemical industry in the region and with a total investment of over US$20 billion.
At Sadara, we seek to create value through chemistry. At the same time, we are committed to contributing to the economic diversification and downstream development of Saudi Arabia in alignment with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Sadara’s high-performance plastics and chemicals will be used to make products that serve the Kingdom’s growing consumption and the emerging economies around the world.

Size & Scale

In 2017, Sadara began full commercial operations of its chemical complex, in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia – the first-of-its-kind world’s largest ever complex built in a single phase. The multibillion-dollar complex consists of 26 manufacturing plants, with an annual production capacity of over 3 million metric tons of value-adding chemicals and plastics.


By bringing in new, state-of-art technologies to create new, unique products, Sadara is adding new value chains to expand and transform the Kingdom’s existing chemical landscape. Fourteen of Sadara’s 26 world-scale manufacturing plants are new to Saudi Arabia, having introduced many new products to the Kingdom, e.g., the first isocyanates and polyols (polyurethane) plants, enabling many industries that either did not exist in the Kingdom earlier, or only existed through imports of raw materials.


As Sadara transitioned from construction to operations, a marketing strategy was developed to establish visibility in the market, position its brand and promote its name within the industry. Sadara is the only chemical company in the Middle East to use refinery liquids, such as naphtha, as feedstock, enabling new intermediate products, and thus supporting Saudi Arabia’s industrial and social diversification by extending key value chains downstream and generating thousands of employment opportunities, both through the company and through the adjoining PlasChem Park.
Sadara operates in a business environment currently defined by relatively low oil prices and evolving markets. Accordingly, we guarantee that the goods and services delivered are of the highest quality, while placing a strong emphasis on safety, contribution to cost optimization and collaboration, positioning Sadara as a true visionary company.
Sadara is the first chemical complex in the Kingdom to produce specialty items such as High Alpha Olefin Polyethylene resins, Elastomer resins, Polyols, Co-Polymer Polyols, Isocyanates and Glycol Products. These high-value polymers and chemicals enable them to serve higher value applications, enabling customers to diversify their production.
In 2021, Sadara has received the agreement of its shareholders - Saudi Aramco and Dow - to start the transition of the marketing rights of Sadara’s finished products to levels more consistent with each partner’s equity ownership. The transition is part of the partnership’s original plan and will gradually increase over the next five years.
These rights will relate to several specific products, which include a range of polyethylene, chemicals, and polyurethane, where the acceleration of the marketing rights of Saudi Aramco has been taken over by the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). The transition of Sadara’s marketing rights to these global industry leaders is part of the shareholders’ actions to improve Sadara’s operating results, as the marketers will leverage their marketing and sales expertise to ensure that Sadara's world-class assets, technologies and products reach their full potential.

The Inspiration Behind

Sadara is an Arabic word that means "in the lead," or "at the forefront." The name further signifies the progressive leadership and superior performance that Sadara as a company stands for. These characteristics exemplify the very nature of the world-class chemical enterprise that is Sadara.
Taking Saudi Arabia's chemical industry further downstream and promoting the Kingdom's economic future is one of Sadara's goals. Sadara is creating new value chains and contributing to the Kingdom's economic future.