Who We Are

A Unique, Value Creating Enterprise

Established in October 2011, Sadara Chemical Company is a joint venture developed by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and The Dow Chemical Company (Dow). It is an unprecedented undertaking – the largest chemical complex ever built in the world in a single phase, with 26 integrated world-scale manufacturing plants, over 3 million metric tons of capacity per year, and a total investment of about US$20 billion.

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Size & Scale

Sadara has begun full commercial operations at its new chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II, Saudi Arabia – the world’s largest integrated complex of its kind ever built in a single phase, with 26 state-of-the-art manufacturing units, over 3 million tons of capacity per annum and an investment of about US$20 billion. Sadara supports Saudi Arabia’s industrial and social diversification by extending key value chains downstream and generating thousands of employment opportunities, both through the complex and through the adjoining PlasChem Park.


Sadara’s unique product portfolio, employing cutting-edge technologies, adds downstream value chains to expand and transform the Kingdom’s existing chemicals landscape. Fourteen of Sadara’s 26 world-scale manufacturing plants are new to KSA. Sadara has introduced many new products to the Kingdom, e.g., the first isocyanates and polyols (polyurethane) plants, enabling many industries that either did not exist in the Kingdom or only existed through imports of raw materials.

Game Changer

Sadara is the only chemical complex to crack naphtha in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This advance leads to new specialty chemical plants and businesses in the Kingdom and takes the Saudi chemical industry far beyond its traditional commodity products. Cracking naphtha makes it possible to produce new intermediate products, which in turn have opened up a whole new range of additional downstream opportunities in the Kingdom.

What is Sadara

Sadara is an Arabic word that means "in the lead," or "out in front." The name further signifies the progressive leadership and superior performance that Sadara as a company stands for. These characteristics exemplify the very nature of the world-class chemical enterprise that is Sadara. Taking Saudi Arabia's chemical industry further downstream and promoting the Kingdom's economic future is one of Sadara's social goals. Sadara is creating new value chains and contributing to the Kingdom's economic future.

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