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“Sadara” Supports Distance Learning within the Kingdom by Donating Computer Equipment to “Ertiqa” and Jubail High School

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Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, Oct 26, 2020 -- Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara) recently donated computer equipment and supplies to “Ertiqa”, a non-profit association as well as to a Jubail high school for girls. This is the second time Sadara has donated devices to Ertiqa. The initiative is in line with the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy reflects its belief in the national role it plays supporting the success of the distance learning measures currently applied across the Kingdom’s educational institutes to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sadara has this time provided more than 140 devices to “Ertiqa”, including desktop and laptop computers as well as monitors, for distribution to students in need of them through charitable and social associations across the Kingdom. Ertiqa rehabilitates all devices to ensure that they are useable by the recipients, and any computers which cannot be rehabilitated will be recycled through a certified third party, in order to preserve the environment.

In addition, Sadara donated 19 laptops to a Jubail high school for girls, to support and motivate the students to continue their academic excellence through the current online education process.

On this occasion, Dr. Abdullah Alahmari, Sadara’s Vice President of Business & Services and Chairman of the Sadara Sustainability Committee, noted that, “Education, philanthropy, and environment are major elements of Sadara’s community outreach and sustainability strategies. Through this particular initiative, the Company is able to support the charitable and environmental activities of “Ertiqa” as well as education at schools where our contribution enables students to follow their educational journey remotely with ease in light of the exceptional circumstances this year resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Last year, Sadara donated more than 3,650 electronic and computer devices to Ertiqa, for refurbishing and distribution to charitable and social groups. The success of this initial donation  motivated us to continue our efforts in in this area and to collaborate with Ertiqa and others again this year,” added Alahmari.

Ertiqa’s CEO, Dr. Saleh Al-Qome, praised Sadara for its continuing role in serving the community. He pointed out that Sadara's contribution through granting these computers to the association is an extension of the community partnership between the two entities. He also stressed that Sadara’s contribution is an extension of Ertiqa’s campaign, "Their Education Does Not Stop", through which “Ertiqa” seeks to collect used computers, to then be rehabilitated along with installing the necessary programs in order to be distributed among students in partnership with the education sector and other charities to facilitate the process of remote education.