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Sadara launches annual local competition for Innovative Environmental Solutions in collaboration with Royal Commission for Jubail

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JUBAIL INDUSTRIAL CITY, Saudi Arabia, September 6, 2020: Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara) last week launched its annual Innovative Environmental Solutions Competition for 2020, in collaboration with the Royal Commission for Jubail. This community environmental initiative is being held for the third year in a row as part of Sadara’s Sustainability Strategy, which seeks to contribute to achievement of the U.N.’s  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The competition also aims to encourage talented individuals and groups within the Kingdom to develop ideas or projects that contribute to the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection in line with the relevant SDGs.
"At Sadara, we look to strengthen our engagement with the community, to stimulate positive interaction on environmental and industrial challenges, and to learn local views on environmental protection solutions, and to think positively about solving problems as partners," said Salamah Aldhafiri, Sadara’s EHS Corporate Director and Vice Chairman of Sadara's Sustainability Committee.

Aldhafiri pointed out that Sadara represents the industrial sector, while the Royal Commission for Jubail represents the legislature, so that the community will be the real beneficiary of such initiative. “This type of engagement greatly contributes to raising environmental awareness within the Kingdom, especially among Jubail Industrial City’s community, and contributes to improving the quality of life. The continuity of the competition for three consecutive years and the interaction shown with our community are the best indicators of its expected success,” added Aldhafiri.  

Eng. Owayed Alrashidi, Director of Environmental Protection and Control at the Royal Commission for Jubail, stated: "We sincerely thank Sadara for taking such sustainable approach in all stages of its operations and production, applying best practices to preserving the environment, and sponsoring programs and activities to educate the community about the importance of environmental conservation. Sadara has been keen to encourage all members of the community to find innovative solutions to the environmental challenges faced during day-to-day activities, while extending the support needed to adopt these proposed solutions in the form of an environmental competition held each year, which contributes actively to achieving the required goals of raising the community’s awareness and to participate in finding appropriate environmental solutions and contributing to their implementation."

It should be noted that the competition witnessed a remarkable turnout in the previous year, 2019, where the number of participants increased by 40% compared with 2018. The winners in 2019 were: Ms. Shrooq Flatah, who won First Place for her project, "Laboratory Capsule to Recycle Chemical Waste to Energy," which supports goals 7 and 12 of the SDGs; Second Place went to Mr. Mohammed Al-Shareef for his project, "Carbon Ash Recycling," which supports the SDG goal 13; and Third Place went to Mr. Salah Al-Mutawa for his project, "Tool for Collecting Plastic Waste from the Sea," which supports goal 14 of the SDGs.

Participation in this year’s competition is open to all age groups in Saudi Arabia, especially young people and students, and the event will run until the end of October 2020. The winners will be announced in November 2020.

To find out more about the competition and to participate, please visit the website: Sadara Innovative Environmental Solutions Competition.